Postage Stamps of Austria

by Tony Clayton

Austro-Hungarian Empire

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In 1883 a new definitive set of six values was issued.

Seven different perforations are known to have been used. All values exist with perf.9½ and perf.10; these two are the most commonly found. Perf.10½ is scarcer, while 9, 11½ and 12½ are relatively rare. Stamps with traces of the watermark BRIEF-MARKEN are worth significantly more than those without.


2 kreuzer brown, perf.10
SG 70c.


3 kreuzer pale green, perf.9½
SG 71b.


5 kreuzer carmine, perf.10½
SG 72d.


10 kreuzer blue, perf.10½
SG 73d.


20 kreuzer greenish grey, perf.10
SG 74c.


50 kreuzer dull purple, perf.10
SG 75a.

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