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Austro-Hungarian Empire

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1904-1907 Issues

First Issue - with varnish bars

In 1904 modified designs were issued with similar designs but with distinct differences. The low values below 10 heller changed from having a black numeral on a coloured background; they now had a coloured numeral on a white background. The values from 10 to 30 heller retained the black numerals but now had a white instead of coloured background, while the higher values went from having black numerals on a coloured background to having white numerals on a solid coloured background. Two new values, the 35h and 72h, were added.

The varnished bars remained, but only the 2¼ mm bands were used. Only two perforations were in use, with all values found with 13x13½ and all but the 72h with 13x12½. In the illustrations below those with a suffix b in the SG number, along with the 72h, have the former perforation.

For identical or similar stamps without varnish bars see the second and third issues


1 heller purple
SG 155.


2 heller black
SG 156b.


3 heller brown
SG 157b.


5 heller blue-green
SG 158.


6 heller orange
SG 159.


10 heller carmine
SG 160b.


20 heller brown
SG 161.


25 heller blue
SG 162b.


30 heller purple
SG 163.


35 heller bright green
SG 164b.


40 heller deep violet
SG 165b.


50 heller grey-blue
SG 166b.


60 heller yellow-brown
SG 167.


72 heller claret
SG 168.

Second Issue - without varnish bars

In 1905 the same stamps were reissued without the shiny bars. All values exist with perforation 13x12½, and all except the 1h, 40h, and 72h are also found with 13x13½. Interestingly the 72 heller has different perforations with the bars and without them.

Third Issue - revised colours and designs

In 1906 the 5 heller was re-issued in yellow-green, and the 10h to 30h design was modified with the numerals now using the stamp colour rather than black, thus giving a single print colour. A new value, the 12 heller, was added in 1907.

5 heller yellow-green
SG 183.


10 heller carmine
SG 184.


12 heller violet
SG 185.


20 heller brown
SG 186.


25 heller blue
SG 187.


30 heller claret
SG 188.

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