Postage Stamps of Austria

by Tony Clayton

Austrian Empire

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Fourth Issue, May 1863

A modified design followed the third issue after 3 years, with the Emperor's head replaced by the Austrian coat of arms, and an altered background to the oval. There was no watermark, and the perforation was 14.


2 kreuzer yellow
SG 39.


3 kreuzer green
SG 40.

Fifth Issue, October 1863 (2k and 3k in 1864)

The next issue had the same design as the fourth issue but the perforation was now a coarser 9½. The paper was watermarked BRIEF-MARKEN in the middle of the sheet.


2 kreuzer yellow
SG 45.


15 kreuzer brown
SG 49.

1860 issue <<-- : -->> Newspaper Stamps

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