Postage Stamps of Austria

by Tony Clayton

First Republic

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1919 Issue

The first definitive designs of the Austrian Republic

There are three main designs used for stamps up to 1 krone face value:

The initial issue was of just 12 values. Changes of colour took place in 1920 for 6 values and a further two new values (15h and 60h) added..


6 heller orange
SG 339.


20 heller bright green
New Republic
SG 345.


25 heller blue
SG 346.


Nine values were issued imperforate when the printers could not keep up with demand for perforated stamps, and four values were issued on thick grey paper.


5 heller yellow-green, imperforate
SG 337b.


20 heller bright green, thick grey paper
SG 345a.

Higher values

Nine stamps were issued for values greater than 1 krone. Normally perforated 12½, 8 of these are known perforated 11½ and three perforated 11½x12½


2 kronen black and vermilion
SG 356.

1918 Provisionals <<-- : -->> 1920 Definitives

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