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by Tony Clayton

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1920-21 Issue

The second definitive designs of the Austrian Republic

The higher values of the 1919 set were replaced with the issue of the 80h, 1k, and 2k in a new design during 1920, followed by the 1½k in the following February. The 3k, 4k, 5k and 10k in a slightly different design were issued in August 1921. Finally the 7½k was issued in December 1921. All values are known with a white paper, and all except the 7½k with a grey paper. There are some colour variations mentioned in Michel.


80 heller carmine
SG 402.


1 krone sepia
SG 403.


1½ kronen green
SG 404.


2 kronen blue
SG 405.


3 kronen black and green
SG 406.


4 kronen claret and red
SG 407.


5 kronen claret and lilac
SG 408.


7½ kronen brown and orange
SG 409.


10 kronen blue and violet
SG 410.

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